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Welcome To Days Advertising

Days Advertising is a trusted and renowned advertising and printing solution provider, committed to providing impressive services in line with the latest technological trends. Through the years of constant change in the media, market demand, and drastic changes in technology, Salek was able to adapt and grow with the changing environment, into one of the most trusted names in the advertising and printing industry here in the United Arab Emirates. Salek has assisted in enhancing the corporate image and branding of some of the most elite corporate organizations here in the United Arab Emirates.

Customer service, high-quality printing and state of the art technology are given utmost priority, at Days Advertising.

Our Vision

We want to accelerate businesses with our design intervention and help our clients compete with established national and international players. We strive to be an important part of creative economy.

Our Mission

Making design viable for every business by providing one-stop printing solution

Core Values

We enthusiastically explore di erent design opportunities keeping in mind our clients’ business requirements. We come up with original, novel, genuine concepts and never rely on design ripped o from others in the name of inspiration.

We believe “growth” is a natural extension of our work. Our services transfer real value to clients and help them grow. It’s a win-win strategy – when our clients grow, we grow with them. Hands-on, we learn by co-working; by trying out exciting new things and learning by doing.